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Monday, November 14, 2011

Now for something lighter

I don't know about you, but sometimes I need to do something really cheerful and unrelated to my situation. Let's have some fun and lighten up!!! (Message to myself as I'm tempted to let my life get me down). Having fun always gives me more energy and optimism. While I can afford some entertainment, it's way more satisfying to have fun for free or at least cheaply.

Check out your library. Even though I live in a really small town, our library is fabulous: free books, free music, free movies, free lectures and programs, and notices of local events. Don't forget to check for discounts for any reason, like being over 50 or being in the military.

This is a UK site, but the concepts work fine for the U.S.A.

Even if you don't have kids, try some of these out for the kid in you.

Does your little one need some free fun? Here's a great site.

I'm a history geek and archaeologist wannabe. Volunteer at places that interest you. For me, that would be our small, but cool historical museum. Search for your wannabe free fun possibilities.

This site is for Washington, D.C., but if you search for fun for free (in your city) you'll see lots of activities. I looked for "free fun" in my little town and the city where I used to live, but not much was there for free so I looked for cheap fun (in your city).

This is a "cheap fun" site for states and cities. Your city could be on their list, and you can also share what you've found to do in your area.

My cheap exercise is walking, riding my exercycle, or jumping on my little trampoline. Here's some more ideas for everyone.

I really enjoyed this site!

Are you an Avatar (the movie) enthusiast? Try this photo altering site for fun.

I offer this free e-books site with some misgivings since free things that usually cost money make me wonder what the catch is. But don't let my attitude stop your explorations.

Same advice as above for free music downloads.

Just to see what would come up, I searched for free travel 2011. Interesting. Check it out.

I know you're too savvy to be conned, but as a rule, if a site wants you to register with your email address, street address, or any other personal information, be wary.

Be entertained by your own creativity! Try something new. Life will still be there when you get back from your fun break, but you'll have more energy to deal with it.

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