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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Is "frugality" just a four letter word?

Is "frugal" a four letter word? OK, it has five letters, but you know what I mean. We all have understandings of "frugality," so to see what yours might be, try this short, informal review:

1. Only those without enough money have to be frugal. Yes___ No___
2. I have all that I need and use my money the way I want to. Yes___ No___
3. Being frugal means I win the advertizing battles for my money. Yes___ No___
4. I'm being punished for having too many debts, so I have to be frugal. Yes___ No___
5. When I am being frugal I feel deprived. Yes___ No___
6. Being frugal means I can have anything I want when I choose to. Yes___ No___

Until the last three years of 180 degree life change, my gut feeling about frugality was that it meant deprivation and punishment. Not much of a motivator for getting out of the large credit card debt I had. The more I tried to be frugal, the less I succeeded to pay it off or to save money. I'd like to say that virtue won and I bravely chose frugality. What really happened was that not being able to go places to shop and little inclination to buy on-line, I became frugal by default. Big surprise: I don't feel dis-empowered or deprived. How did that happen? Like any intervention, being away from your drug-of-choice means you don't feed your addiction. I was at the "rehab center" provided by being sick, and when I felt well enough to go out, the addiction was gone. I've paid off my debt and recently bought a big-ticket item we wanted - with cash. That is enormous progress for me!

Opportunities for attitude change can come from anywhere, but if you're struggling with accepting frugality as a life-style, try these web sites. For them frugality is a fun game they are winning. I enjoyed checking into many of them and am recommending a few to you. Look for "frugal blog" on the web - there are A LOT of them out there. All of them provide ways to make your money go farther. My new favorite word: frugalista.

A Momma and the Boys Living on a Budget : printable coupons (I don't usually buy name brands, but will if I have a coupon.) lots of freebies lots of topics - search for one you're interested in More topics good advice about student loans and other helpful topics getting out of debt and other topics shopping ideas and personal finance good advice and good reader stories (you can post your own story here.)
: Excellent!!!

Be careful when you choose a blog. Only go to the sites with some indicator that the web connection has determined it's virus free. When I went to "Ask the Frugal Decorating Diva," my virus alarm went crazy!

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  1. Great blog Nisi! I hadn't really realized that both of our lives blew up in our faces at the same time. And, that I have been actually lived frugally for over 20 years. I quit using credit cards that long ago. Jeff uses one for gas and emergencies, and that is all. We live a cash life and love it! Anyway, I admire your ability to share this information and your life. Love,